Ceiling Fan Light Shades

There are so many things that you can do with your ceiling fan lights. Many people are on the lookout for accessories that will help to complete the décor in the room and make it homier. One of the most common accessories that is used are ceiling fan light shades.

Most ceiling fan light shades are glass and can be found in dozens of different shapes and sizes. The more common ones are white and tinted.Ceiling Fan Light Shades They are used for one or two light bulbs that are stored inside the glass shade. The tint helps to tone the light down so that it is not so bright.

Usually when there are three to four different light bulbs that the ceiling fan is using you will find ceiling fan light shades that are open on the end. These shades can be found in glass or even metal like materials. The great thing about these is that you can usually find them in a larger variety and have more of a selection to choose from.

If you have a contemporary office that you use everyday and want to use your ceiling fan light – but don’t want it to be too bright than you consider a shade that is darker. These darker ceiling fan light shades have intricate designs on the outside and help to set the tone of a more peaceful atmosphere.

For a more modern look you can always opt for the shades that are made out of crystal clear or tinted glass. If you need more light for this room we suggest that you choose one that is open at the end and is crystal clear.

When choosing a ceiling fan light shade make sure that you find one in the right size that will fit with the ceiling fan brand you have. Most are fairly inexpensive and are sold separately.