Ceiling Fan Light Controls

When purchasing any type of ceiling fan you have to consider what special features you want it to come with and what you want to use to operate it. There are two types of ceiling fan light controls that you can choose to operate your ceiling fan light. They are the ceiling fan light remotes and ceiling fan light switches.

Ceiling Fan Light Switch

A ceiling fan light switch are mounted to the wall and are some of the more basic ceiling fan light controls that consumers choose. There are several types of ceiling fan light switches to choose from. The most common of these is a simple on and off switch that is used to turn on both the fan and the light at the same time. In order to adjust the power of the fan or to turn one off while keeping the other one on you will have to use the pull chain attached to the ceiling fan.

Other wall mounted ceiling fan light switch controls will allow you to control how dimly and bright you want the light to be and will have a separate switch on the same controller that will control how high the fan should be. These are a bit more expensive because they have more features.

Dozens of companies will make the different types of ceiling fan light switch controls. Some are easier than others to install and most can be used with any brand of ceiling fans. Depending on who you purchase it from will also determine how well it will look in the room of your choice. Some are more unobtrusive than others.

Ceiling Fan Light Remotes

If you are looking for something a bit easier and more advanced for your home than you will want a ceiling fan light remote. These are usually more expensive than a ceiling fan light switch and usually have more features.

They are easier to install because they do not need any wiring. Most of them are also universal that allows them to work with almost any brand of ceiling fans. They can be as low as $50 or as high as $250. This of course depends on who you purchase from and how advanced they are.

Most of these ceiling fan light controls have 3 fan speeds and a full range dimming for the lights. One of the things that makes these controls so popular is the fact that they can be used to control the ceiling fan light without having to walk across the room. Now you when you are comfortable in bed you can use your ceiling fan remote to turn the light off instead of fighting with your partner to see who will get out of bed first.