Ceiling Fan Light Bulbs

Your ceiling fan light is used to spread cold air throughout the room it is in. It is also used to light up the room we have placed it in so that we can see what we are doing. Most homes these days use a ceiling fan light in every room of their house. Those who don’t waste no time in installing them.

Each ceiling fan light (no matter which brand you have) are made up of dozens of parts. Every part works simultaneously with the other in order for the whole thing to work properly. When one part is broken the others will not work properly.

If you are lucky you will not have to spend much time replacing parts. Most ceiling fan lights are built to last for a few years. Obviously the more expensive they are the longer they will last because they are made with some of the best materials.

The only part that you will find yourself replacing a few times a year are the ceiling fan light bulbs. This is also the one part of the whole thing that you specifically get to choose. Light bulbs usually do not come with the fan of your choice because almost every type of light bulb will work in any model.

There are literally hundreds of ceiling fan light bulbs to choose from. These bulbs differ in the types of watts that they release and how much energy they use. They can cost you as little as $6 to as high as $20. The more expensive bulbs will last much longer and shine brighter.

Most ceiling fan lights require the use of at least two (sometimes four) light bulbs. Over time and one by one these bulbs will begin to lose their watts and will completely die out. By the time the last one has died you are forced to change them out. Most bulbs that we use will die out in less than six months. Is this a hassle for you?

It is easier for people who can easily reach their ceiling fan lights – but what happens when you have cathedral ceilings? This is more difficult to do. The best way to avoid this hassle a few times a year you should consider investing money into the energy efficient ceiling fan light bulbs.

Purchasing a set of these special energy efficient light bulbs are expensive – which is why most people will choose not to. However, the benefits they offer will actually save you money in the long run. They are four times more energy efficient and will last 10 times longer than the incandescent ceiling fan light bulbs at the exact same wattage. They also use 50-80% less energy.